The role and purpose of the Renaissance programme is to take you on an authentic journey of reflection and discovery. We look towards both the pragmatic and concrete as well as the wonders and wisdom that are embodied in one of the most creative, inspirational and transformative times in our history;  the Renaissance.  The Renaissance presents the potential rebirth latent in both individuals and organisations, and one of the most tangible expressions of this comes through the art that it created. This can offer us a highly effective guide to better perceive and manage contemporary organisational life.

Taking Renaissance Art as our model of learning, we present self-knowledge, academic theories and recent scientific discoveries in a highly digestible (and beautiful) way.  At a time when we are drowning in information rather than understanding, this programme will open your senses, mind and emotions to the magic – and practical application that art offers.

This is definitely not an “arty” add-on. We firmly believe in the usefulness of alternative approaches in corporate spaces, and that deep wisdom and self understanding from the past has a direct relevance to how we might manage ourselves and our lives today. Through a series of four workshops we learn how to apply practical and lasting tools to assist with the many challenges that the modern world presents to us.

This programme is run by Mary Attwood and Kathryn Wilson Schaefer. For more information and for prices please contact