The Art of Seeing


 “Know Thyself”

Temple of Apollo, Delphi


 Images that come to us through Art offer an invaluable guide that reaches beneath conceptual language and understanding of the issues, confusions and obstacles that we inevitably encounter. Engaging with the wisdom – enriched art from the past brings into our experience both the ancestral and the archetypal through which we can better understand our circumstances, our direction and our relationships to each other and the world. They awaken different ways of seeing offering an expanded vision and self understanding.  

Rather than escaping the world, images re-engage us with it.  Swiss psychologist Dr Carl Jung described the potency of working with images as soul work, as a means of healing the psyche by tapping into a cosmic flow. He said that images are our first intuitive response, before words and that images are the higher counterpart to the emotions. 

Taking the images as a starting point, these consultations may draw on Jung’s Active Imagination, ancient frameworks such as the Four Senses Hermeneutic, reflection, contemplative practices and discussions.

The works of Art that have been selected form a group of 78 images. They come from the Western canon, many from the esoteric, Medieval and Renaissance traditions, from the period of Romanticism as well as 19th and 20th centuries.  This group of cards is completely unique and has been carefully assembled over a number of years through my experience of working with the transformative potency of how we engage with Art.

First consultations – 1 hour

Follow-up consultations – 40 mins

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