“Mary is clearly a teacher and communicator of the highest calibre.”

Dr Simon Wilson

What draws me to Mary’s courses is that she is offering me the likes of Hillman, Jung, McGilchrist and Rilke along with the artists, their art, and their lives.  We are all artists of our own lives and I feel really fortunate to have found an art historian with this holistic approach.  Mary’s teaching includes a whole context of culture and history, as well as the psychological and spiritual aspects of life and art.”


“Mary talks with a genuine enthusiasm for her subject….she communicates her cogent arguments, illuminating perceptions directly and without hesitation….”

Francis Ames-Lewis

Emeritus Professor of the History of Art, University of London

“I subscribe and consider this a wonderful weekly form of both meditation and joy.

Your weekly emails with links are like small vacations when we cannot travel physically. Thank you.” Terry Price, writer and photographer 

Terry Price

Writer & Photographer

I have attended several of Mary Attwood’s exploratory art sessions amongst other talks/seminars/webinars online during this lockdown period, and they are the best thing I’ve done- astonishing value, and something very special.

Mary’s background in art history and mythology and her in-depth understanding of different ways of seeing – intuitive and imaginative as well as evaluative, make for a marvellously rich and enjoyable experience, with a generous amount of beautiful visual material. There is an interactive element (optional) and plenty of room for participants’ comments and observations. Mary’s friendliness and professionalism make her an outstanding facilitator. I have strongly recommended these sessions to various friends.

Janice Emmott

Writer & Artist

“This has been such an enriching and eye-opening course, bringing me knowledge and new skills to connect into art in a more meaningful way.   For the first time I have also felt inspired to visit a gallery to view a painting rather than wait for a curated exhibition.” 

Adele Breslauer

Charity Director

 “Mary’s information was extraordinary – she is so deeply immersed in esoteric understanding I was really surprised to learn truly new information. Mary is also such a lovely person to communicate with and has been very open and helpful to myself and my daughter. I would highly recommend any of her courses or workshops.” 


Painter, FRSA

“You have opened another door to the ways we  can engage with pictures.
Your knowledge of the,  how shall I put it, the psychological and physiological dimension to experiencing creativity has been a revelation.  When I visited galleries I found myself experiencing a
high.  I found it so stimulating and I wondered why, now I am
beginning to understand. Engaging with other people’s creativity and
the product of that creativity be it music, ballet, drama sculpture or
paintings can be very exciting and deeply moving. All creativity has a
spiritual dimension.  A dimension of the personal and the universal
all being in harmony. Beauty acts on our senses in a way I had never
appreciated, and am still learning about from you. 

Thank you, you and the others who share are helping to find new ways of looking.  I wonder if beauty in art can help us  in new ways of being? Say, more empathetic, more sympathetic, more tolerant
and caring better people, I wonder…

One of the things we learnt from you, Mary, is that the creative process of engaging deeply with a picture can have both a physiological and psychological effect on us, and perhaps we are better people for the experience.  Now lock down hasn’t been all drudgery thanks to Mary, and just maybe I am a better person.”


“What is Art Therapy? To me, it is the way to show the infinite knowledge of imagination one could participate, as Mary Attwood quoted Heraclitus, “we can never step into the same river twice”. Mary is a rare gifted soulful art historian with the talent of allowing one to see one’s own eternal delight through cleansing the door of perception, the invisible within, “the work of soul”. This “cleansing” could awaken the third eye, the eye of the divine soul to see one’s own authentic vision through the contemplation of art. The interesting question to ask is, would a collective contemplation of art transcend individual imagination more intensely than isolated effort? Is the participation of imagination ultimately individualistic or collective ?

Lionel Yang

Entrepreneur & Businessman

“Mary’s gift is not only to help people see and appreciate art, but to also see deep within themselves those reflections that support their spiritual growth.”

Amanda Seyderhelm

Author and Certified Play Therapist

“I’m so pleased for the intelligent and spiritual course that you have created ! That was the best ever for me!”



“I would like to encourage any person who is considering signing up to a series of lectures or just a single lecture given by Mary Attwood to take advantage of this golden opportunity . I feel confident you will not be disappointed.

The delivery of Mary’s lectures is an enjoyable journey of discovery along with the value of understanding art. The regular monthly lecture called The Art of Seeing, with assistance and encouragement from Mary, helps the chosen study picture unfold before you.


If you would like to gain the opportunity of taking a short study course. I speak from experience when I confirm that the standard and quality is exceedingly high and equates well with any virtual web courses that are available. In fact  to call it a lecture makes it seem very dry and serious but that is not a fair description as the focus of the lecture is well researched and because of the manner in which it is delivered you discover, on reflection afterwards, that you have been able to retain a large proportion of the study topic.”

Christine Hughes


“I met Mary when she ran an art appreciation class locally to me, on a Saturday. I was entranced by her knowledge – and the way she made a subject that could be thought of as ‘dry’ by some, totally fascinating! When I heard Mary was offering a National Gallery tour, showcasing ‘Awakening the Senses to Art’, I booked my place immediately. Through Mary, I am learning so much about how to look at art and she makes me want to discover even more. I have no idea how she manages to retain all those facts – and still make the chats sound interesting and not like a list!”

Dorothy Harding

“Just wanted to thank you again for an amazing few hours on the 13th. 

Your workshop was the most engaging and rewarding piece of learning I have experienced in a long while. I loved the way you shared so much knowledge and love of art in a short period of time. The workshop was focussed, challenging and enjoyable, which is a testimony to your experience and passion for what you are doing. 

I have found with workshops over the last ten years that they tend to become diluted to appeal to too wide an audience, so I was so thrilled to come away with so much to think about and be challenged by, plus ideas to work on further. I would love to come to another one of your workshops…a follow on from this one would be amazing; or a different event or gallery visit.

With warmest wishes and a big “thank you”

Debbie Brunt

“Mary does not ‘teach’ as such;  she introduces a painting (or an artist, or an idea) and then enters a process of mutual discovery as a co-explorer, always stimulating an attitude of ‘gazing’ and encouraging a heart response.   She fosters the development of  individuals having an openness of vision to perceive what is going on in themselves as well as what the basic intention of the artist might be. Mary’s classes are inspirational.   They have a spiritual dimension in the broadest sense, and encourage the participator to find their ‘inner eye’ to perceive not so much facts and figures about artists and art history, but how art can change us.   At the same time, Mary is very kind and attentive to all her students, and respects everyone’s contribution.   Her classes are wholly accessible both to folk who have in-depth experience of ‘art appreciation’ and those who have little.”

Veronica Bennetts