“Meet the image on its own ground and listen first to its own language”

Dr Marie Angelo, Imaginal Studies, depth psychologist and scholar

Rhetoric & the Storytelling of Art

For thousands of years, works of art were meant to encourage the reading of poetry, evoke imaginative responses, inspire creativity and spark profound conversation. This not only makes the image feel more alive and vital, but enhances your experience of its power and presence in your home or work place, providing fresh perceptions, ideas and inspiration. 

But what about today? When we want to write and speak about art, it can be difficult to find words to match the images. Writing can take the form of  historical fact,  analytical critique and the tone of the connoisseur. And often when in front of a work of art, talking takes the place of pausing and seeing. While all have their relevance, some such approaches leave the art seeming distant, pushing away its own language in our overtones of critique or analysis.  We do not want to lose the theory or facts, but make space for our responses and insights. Creating a different rhetoric and re-establishing the broken links between word and image,  allows us to tell the story of the art itself, to listen to its own language, honour its intrinsic qualities and place those greater insights into personal, historical, cultural and contemporary relevance.

Art in your home or place of work

Having a powerfully sensitive piece of written work to accompany a work of art in your personal collection enhances the presence of that image and in your own life. A beautifully written piece brings the image to life in new ways and will accompany the work of art down the ages, through other collections and ownership. This also forms an accompaniment to an evening’s special entertainment with friends, where a reading of the piece provides a wonderful foundation for fascinating conversation.

These are bespoke services. Please contact Mary Attwood directly. 

Promotional writing for public and/or private audiences


Clients include:

Degard Artist

Atollo Fine Art

Art Brand Communications

Artist Olga Lomaka