Private Visits


‘Mary is a rare gifted soulful art historian with the talent of allowing one to see one’s own eternal delight through cleansing the door of perception, the invisible within, “the work of soul”.’ Mr Lionel Yang

Creating the time and space for yourself to explore and discover the wonder-filled world of art through a personally crafted gallery visit is one of the most effective and enriching activities for your mind and your body. Works of art, aside from stimulating the deeper intellect, firstly awaken our five outer senses, and in particular of course, the eye. During the Renaissance the eye was understood as the ‘window to the soul’ and was not merely a mechanical function of the human body as we may understand it today. The eye was multi- layered and was a means with which to understand the world – and works of art show us different levels of meaning about the world.  They show us the surface of something beautiful, intriguing, profound, profane or sacred, and they also show us something through and beyond mere surface appearances.  As we find our way in a new sort of world because of the pandemic, engaging with the visceral world of art, is one of the most effective ways of re-engaging our senses and becoming more embodied in the world once again.

Drawing on Mary’s expertise across a number of different fields, each gallery or museum visit is carefully crafted to meet your needs. Before the visit there will be some email exchange and/ or a phone consultation to discuss your individual needs and desires. Below are some of the reasons past participants have booked bespoke gallery tours.

To gain an overview of the history of art;

To understand why images in art change so much over time;

To discover the deeper and symbolic meaning of art;

To feel intellectually and visually stimulated and feel more knowledgable in general when it comes to art;

To find the art that you really like and love and what it may hold for you;

To explore a particular recurring feeling or emotion with certain images;

To become acquainted with the ‘archetypal’ and the universal conveyed through art and how these might relate to you and your life. These may include: Beauty; Life; Death; Love; Loss; Belief; Doubt; Nature; the Sacred; the Profane…and more.

You have the freedom to ask as many questions as you like.

Please email for more information.

50 min – £150

2 hour – £320

Half day (4 hours with a half hour break) – £500