The Art of Seeing 

 The contemplation of Beauty  

Thursday 20th July 2023 

 7-8pm UK time via Zoom


“At any time between 1750 and 1930, if you had asked educated people to describe the aim of poetry, art or music,

they would have replied ‘beauty’.”

Sir Roger Scruton

In our modern times, we seem to have neglected beauty in Art, in our expressions of creativity and in every day life.  How we think and act become disjointed and soulless in the absence of beauty.  The contemplation of Beauty in a work of art is not a thing to be looked at, but a quality that can be nourished and brought back from its slumber and beheld. This quality realigns us to a better form of character, reminding us of our intrinsic nature, and we are altered as we are reminded of the importance of beauty – not for the sake of utility, but precisely because of its uselessness; a uselessness which we are being urged to return to.  As Sir Roger Scruton said,

“Put usefulness first, and you will lose it. Put beauty first, and what you get will be used forever… nothing is more useful than the useless…beautiful details remind us that we have more than practical needs; we are not just animal appetites, but human beings with dignity, divinity and love of each other.”

 During this session one work of Art will hold our attention as you will be invited to actively look, see and contemplate Beauty. 

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