The Art of Seeing

The Ancient Egyptian Goddess 

Thursday 30th March 2023 

“The Egyptians lived with an awareness of what might be called the imaginal

– a non-physical yet objective reality that we become aware of through the human faculty of the imagination.

They understood that we were not just terrestrial but cosmic beings

Dr Jeremy Naydler


The ancient Egyptians lived with an understanding of the cosmos that is sometimes difficult for us to grasp today. Seeing themselves not just as earthly, but also cosmic beings, their lives were lived with a continual awareness and preparation for what followed ‘death’ – the afterlife. They lived with a true comprehension of the imaginal through which the sun, the sky and and the forces of nature were seen and felt through the image of gods and goddesses. Their awareness of the imaginal shaped these deities into extraordinary forms – the great statues –  which straddle the animal, human and natural world – an expression of their wholly integrated view of existence. For the ancient Egyptians, the sense of hearing was the most important and primary sense which equated to a greater consciousness, of deep listening as divine knowing. In this session, we will ‘meet’ just one image, one of the greatest goddesses from ancient Egyptian myth whose presence might be worth turning our minds, ears and eyes to in light of the forces currently abound in the world.   This session will offer an approach of theory, participation and reflection in order to get to ‘know’ the image a little better.    

This session was recorded and available for purchase below.