The Art of Seeing Gallery Tour

Sunday 9th December 2018

10.30am – 2pm

The National Gallery Sainsbury Wing

“No wonder once the art of seeing is lost, meaning is lost, and all life seems ever more meaningless.” 
Frederick Franck, painter, sculptor and spiritual teacher

It is always humbling to go and meet the real art in the flesh, often sparking a profound energy exchange between you and the image and changing perceptions. Next month I will be running a private tour at The National Gallery. Unlike your usual tour, we will focus not only the historical context of these works, but on your intuitive, imaginative and emotional responses to them.   A pilgrimage for the eye, we will focus on the archetypes and myths in both religious and mythological paintings from early to late Renaissance, discovering what your immediate responses and reflections on these images might mean for you, personally and in the broader context of the world.  You will then have the chance to wander through the gallery and find an image that you feel drawn to. Through a sense of curiosity and discovery, both the outer and inner eye opens where you and the image meet on the  “stage of the imagination” (Versluis).  Uncovering the ability to see into the heart of things we will consider that, perhaps through art, we can see the shape of a deeper reality.
A visual feast for the eyes and the soul, there will be plenty of time for discussion and for sharing your own insights.

Note: If you have accessibility needs, the gallery does have a lift.

To book please email me directly: