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Awaken the Senses, Intellect & Soul 

“Soul never thinks without a mental picture” Aristotle

“Mary talks with a genuine enthusiasm for her subject….she communicates her cogent arguments, illuminating perceptions directly and without hesitation….”

Francis Ames-Lewis, Emeritus Professor of the History of Art, University of London. 

For millennia, paintings, sculpture and architecture have been a means through which humans sought to understand their place in the world and express hidden realities. Today, our times call for a renaissance, a rebirth, of our approach to art, enabling us to re-establish this vital and half- forgotten connection more than ever. Looking at art can be a form of mindfulness as well as a visceral, healing experience; uniting the senses, intellect and soul.

Great art tells a story about us and what gives us meaning in life. Broadening perceptions of art beyond rationalising analysis, categories and styles, has proven to lower stress levels, increase creativity and effective action in the world. Art is for the senses, intellect and soul, and holds the capacity to open ways of knowing and seeing that have been lost in our post modern age. Art is not a dead object to be analysed and critiqued, but is alive, possessing a vitality difficult to articulate in words. Works of art are, as psychiatrist and thinker Dr Iain McGilchrist writes, “more like people, living beings, than objects.” But since they come to us without words, we have to cultivate different ways of seeing, knowing and listening in order to see them anew, which has far reaching effects on how we relate to each other, to the world of matter and to consciousness.



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