About Mary Attwood

Mary draws on both contemporary art history and psychology, and on ancient but half-forgotten approaches…….. New ways of seeing, and new insight, are the result.”

Dr Simon Wilson, Senior Lecturer, Canterbury Christ church University 

Mary Attwood is an art historian, author, lecturer and teacher and Chairman of the Victoria branch of The Arts Society, London, a membership charity dedicated to enriching peoples’ lives through the arts. She is also a qualified teacher in lifelong learning, a Yoga Alliance registered yoga teacher and is a qualified meditation and mindfulness teacher.

Mary’s expertise lies in her scope of experience, practice and study in both academic Art History (which she has studied since the age of 16) with her research and practice into consciousness, philosophical questioning and contemplation. She has the ability to open doorways to approaching and seeing art in new ways by bridging ancient traditions with today’s understanding of consciousness and the importance of re-engagement with the world and nature. When she teaches, lectures and writes about the power of art therefore it is not only its history but our responses and approaches to it which are included.  Her emphasis focuses on awakening to the potency and potential of art through transformative seeing and learning and through engaging the senses, the intellect and the soul. 

Mary hosts salon style talks, gallery trips, discussions and study days for corporates and private clients as well as the charity Age UK. She teaches in adult education throughout London and Surrey,  is a visiting lecturer at the Royal College of Art and will be giving a workshop and talk at Dr Iain McGilchrist’s conference in the Summer of 2019 entitled, Renaissance Art, A Harmony of the Hemipsheres.  Mary has written promotional pieces that tap into the essence of the art for high profile artists’ exhibitions. Previously Mary worked as creator, producer and script writer for an award winning line of wellness DVDs and ghost written two books published by Watkins. 

Mary’s work has been described as addressing the heart of images and the heart of the seer/reader.  She is able to lead the viewer or reader of art from an external, distanced approach of assessing and analysing art, to an understanding of the symbolic and cultural context of each work, inviting the viewer to reflect on how the message may illuminate their own inner and outer life. She doesn’t offer a new theory of things but rather changes the mode of attention we hold towards art. This has far reaching impacts on both personal life and working/ corporate  environments (see Bespoke Services and Gallery Tours). Neuroscientific evidence has revealed that how we see art affects our whole mind, can lead to greater states of inspiration, awakening the imagination, motivation,  allows you to see from different perspectives (problem solve) and be comfortable with ambiguity – essential qualities revealed of entrepreneurs and highly creative people. 

Mary re-visions art from a broad inclusive perspective of metaphor and meaning, myth and imagination, intellect and history.  She encourages the exploration of great art from learning perspectives which include theory, practice and reflection. By bringing participation and responses to art back into the learning frame, through a spirit of discovery, curiosity and questioning, you find the art that inspires, teaches, heals and awakens. It can assist in finding your passions, in finding what you love and begin to make some sense of your place in the world.  

Mary holds a BA honours degree in the History of Art, University of London where her studies focused on Italian late Medieval and Renaissance art and architecture and is currently completing her Masters degree in Myth, Cosmology and the Sacred researching the meaning and power of images from ancient Greek philosophy, the Renaissance and Jungian psychology. 

“I believe that such an integrative methodology, as part of both re-enchantment and knowledge in academic study, can provide a space for deep healing to take place whose ripples will spread far beyond the classroom…” Dr Angela Voss, Director of the MA in Myth, Cosmology and the Sacred, CCCU