The Power of Art  & Consciousness   

Exploring the power of seeing art 

engaging the senses, intellect and soul. 

“Soul never thinks without a mental picture.” Aristotle

Mary is clearly a teacher and communicator of the highest calibre.”

Dr Simon Wilson, Senior Lecturer, Canterbury Christ Church University 

For millennia, images and form in art and architecture have been a medium through which hidden realities were realised and a way  humans sought to understand their place in the world. Today, our times call for us to re-establish this vital and half- forgotten connection more than ever. Looking at art can be a form of mindfulness as well as a visceral, healing experience, uniting body, mind, soul and senses. Through a different approach, a different quality of attention, we see art through different eyes, shifting perceptions and creating meaning beyond the art itself.  

It is easy to think of art as an add on, but it is best to think of it the other way round – that it’s the doing it, seeing it, participating in it which makes us. We become fully ourselves.” Antony Gormley, Sculptor



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